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Novi-Vinodolski (NL) Novi-Vinodolski (NL)
Novi-Vinodolski (NL)Novi-Vinodolski (NL)
Novi-Vinodolski (NL)

Links Novi-Vinodolski / web-stranicama Novi-Vinodolski.

    Do have link back to Novi-Vinodolski (NL) Official tourist website of the city Novi-Vinodolski.  History and tradition and more  Novi-Vinodolski, by Nikica Pišculić. Novi-Vinodolski apartments and info.  by Domagoj Official website of the city Novi-Vinodolski. Info Novi-Vinodolski, excursions, links, apartments Maričić, by Domagoj. Start page Novi-Vinodolski, by Zlatko. Tourist Agency Novi-Tourist.  Fancy delicious grilled specialties and delicious wines! Pavlomir vinyards welcomes you!    "Travica i Šušur" Information, history, pictures, etc... ,by Nikica Pišculić.

John’s Historie, the Family Piskulich and Dobric from Novi Vinodol Croatia to Perth Western Australia  Pension "Lavanda" accommodation located in the center of Novi Vinodolski, By Mario.   Boat Excursions “Bartelo Mali” vanuit from Novi-Vinodolski, your Captain Danko Blažević.  Info Novi-Vinodolski by János Bogárdi Renting of speed boat, boat taxi apartments Novi Vinodolski. Volunteer fire brigade / Vatrogasci DVD Novi-Vinodolski  Tourist Agency in Novi-Vinodolski by Jadranka Vukelic-Brkljaca   Rent a boat, speed boat, and Glass boat for underwater sightseeing. Municipal service of park, parks, beach, waste, utility, etc.........Ivanj First website about Novi-Vinodolski Zlatko Ivanic. Welcome to the website of the Diving Center "DIVE SIDE".    
www.adriatic-holidays-photo.galery  Website with Picturess of Novi-Vinodolski by Domagoj. Beachbar strand bij hotel Lisanj. Webshop postcards from all over the world, here 179 pieces of Novi Vinodolski. By Delcampe.   Brilliant 360˚ picture of Novi-Vinodolski.   Info and webcams adventure in Slovenia, Croatia, etc....By Tadej Lukan. Foto archive  Novi-Vinodolski. Addresses restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, guest houses in Novi. Cultur and history in the region Primorsko-Goranska. Website of the known Family Mažuranić, from Novi-Vinodolski. Riding school "Jahanje", for a ride through the mountains behind Novi.

Winkel en online webshop Rotterdam.

Winkel en online webshop Rotterdam by Dubravko Svetić, from Novi-Vinodolski.

  Info Novi-Vinodolski, excursions, links, apartments Family Maričić, by Domagoj.

  Apartments Lidija, Novi-Vinodolski "with the whole family under one roof", By Me.

 Boat Excursions “Bartelo Mali” vanuit from Novi-Vinodolski, your Captain Danko Blažević.  

Carwash "Selce", washing, cleanen, polish, cleaning interior from your car, boat, caravan, By Daniel Butković.

  Motor Club "MK Law Riders", founded in 2003 by Miljenko Žanić at Novi-Vinodolski, by Deni Mataija.


Tourist Agency in Novi-Vinodolski by Jadranka Vukelic-Brkljaca   
Boattrips, excursions from Klenovica to Vrbnik, Baška, Goli otok & Grgur, Your Captain Robert.  
wikipedia Novi_Vinodolski     Dutch Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie (Nederlands)

wikipedia/Novi_Vinodolski   Hrvatski Wikipedia, Slobodna enciklopedija (Hrvatski jezik)

wikipedia Novi-Vinodolski  English Wikipedia, The free encyclopaedia. ( English)  Welcome on de meest verslavende community van Nederland! Duizenden leden delen hier hun kennis in ruil voor wijsheid en een extra zakcentje!

remainder links / Ostali linkovi.




Friends site  / Prijateljske stranice            


Website about this small village Bribir situated behind Novi-Vinodolski in the valley of Vinodol. By Hrvoje Schäfer-Miculinić.

This website shows Hrvoje (Harry) of his other occupation, he offers musical entertainment with keyboard, accordion and vocals, and now lives in Germany (Rödermark.)  

New Website about Klenovica and the apartments WELCOME TO KLENOVICA By: Ljiljana Pavković  
  Dental Tourism in Croatia, The money you save you can spend on a nice holiday in Croatia and Novi-Vinodolski.
  Apartments Principium in Klenovica by: Joe and Jurica Baković.  
  The Croatia website with information on everything you need to know about Croatia, by Marco Visser.
   Beautiful, informative website of John and Paula include their golden island of Krk.
Apartments Croatia by the B9-Team.    Other holiday sites, also Croatia. NL kroatie Kroatië with your car, check first this website. NL  
Very nice website with many pictures of course Novi Vinodolski but also many other places in Croatia.
Biggest link site of Croatia!   NL

You're a sailor and plan to go to the Adriatic Sea to go make sure you visit the website of Bart.
  Homepage of Boris about his town Jadranovo just past the Bay of Bakar and the bridge to Krk.
     Info about Croatia by Branko and Nicoletta from Italy.       NL

The island of Rab, the holiday paradise of Guy and Monique from Belgium.
  Vinodol Trading, Croatian delicacies and wines in Rotterdam. with 2 shops in Rotterdam and online shop by Dubravko Svetić, from Novi Vinodolski.

The small lovely village "Veprinac" situated in the mountains behind opatija. (60Km from Novi Vinodolski)
All information about Croatia at a glance from Switzerland. 

Search page with everything about Carnival by Jorrit.
Web shop with many Croatian products, souvenirs, wines and much more. Made in Croatia.

Beautiful website from Natali with Croatian Dutch Dictionary, recipes, music, photos and more.
Want to know more about culture, nature, language, holiday possibilities in Croatia then you have come to the right place.

Website from My cousin  Antoine van Heertum.  
tourist site with apartments, hotels, restaurants, campsites, tourist offices, etc. .......

Information en reviews of accommodations.
Lots off links op all areas, also Tourism and Travel.
Useful website's / korisne web stranice. Croatian embassy Hague.    Hrvatski  Dutch embassy in Zagreb.              Dutch Croatian Automobile Club with information on Croatian roads, fuel, tolls, weather, and more. (vaarbewijs)   Beware!  for the Croatian coastal waters requires at least small license (2) required. (including jet ski - PWC) Airport Rijeka (Krk) 45Km from Novi-Vinodolski. Croatian National Tourist Office.    Croatia forum, news and 24 hour internet radio.


Sights, Tours. / Izleti, Znamenitosti.  National park "Plitvička Jezera" (Plitvice Lakes). The small lovely village "Veprinac" situated in the mountains behind opatija. (60Km from Novi Vinodolski)   Surrender to the relentless power of Mother Nature. Gorski Kotar. Croatian Olympic Centre Bjelolasica for all four seasons, 50Km from Novi. National park Krka. (261Km By Highway) from Novi-Vinodolski. Valey of Vinodol, Green valley of peace and relaxing holidays between the sea and the forested mountains. Bribir, Drivenik, Tribalj and Grižane (directly behind Novi Vindolski). Welcome to the Northern Velebit National Park. Information about all the places in the Kvarner region. Učka Nature Park, 65km north of Novi Vinodolski, (82Km).


Divers & Nieuws / Razni i Novosti.    
News and current affairs from around the world, including news> chronicles find Crikvenica and Novi-Vinodolski.  

Croatian news portal.


Moje omiljeno pivo / My favourite beer!  Živjeli / Proost / Cheers.  
Enkele goede doelen / organizacije, ciljevi.    
The purpose of the SVSK is traumatized children from war zones to help SVSK is run entirely by volunteers. Much of their free time they spend on various activities and preparations for the summer camp for these children.    


Croatian Institute of Love is a non-profit humanitarian organization focused on the development of civil society.

Welcome to the website of BLEU WORLD, through its three programs - science, education and the preservation of the life of the endangered marine organisms          (i.e. marine mammals and sea turtles) and to contribute to the protection of the marine environment.  

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Novi-Vinodolski (NL) Novi-Vinodolski (NL)
Novi-Vinodolski (NL)Novi-Vinodolski (NL)
Novi-Vinodolski (NL)

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