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 Een dag de bergen in met Manfred (Manni) en Hrvoje (Harry).          

Manfred Hfner from Dietzenbach (Germany) also has a website with a lot of Novi Vinodolski, therefore we know each other. Have a look at his website recepts and more.  

Hrvoje Schfer-Miculinic, of Harry is originally from Bribir but now lives in Rdermark (D). I met him through the internet. He is also a musician, see:  but also the webmaster of the website are beautiful village Bribir.


Toren van Bribir

Above the tower, a remnant of the fortress Bribir but Novi Vinodolski had to protect. Beautifully overgrown with ferns.

We started with a visit to where Harry Bribir Bribir us guide around The tower is still closed for tourists, we took it a look, below Manni and Hrvoje in the tower.

Bok Manni i Hrvoje.          


Uitzicht vanaf de toren, ver op de achtergrond Novi-Vinodolski.


View from the tower, with the distant background Novi Vinodolski.




After a short ride and a brisk walk we reach the mountain between Bribir and the sea, in the background Crikvenica.
Poeh poeh!!!

Uitzicht op Crikvenica en Krk.











A nice drive through the mountains with the Mitsubishi Outlander of Manni, on our way to Lukovo.



Dobro vino, vjeli!!!

A drink at this lovely terrace with a friend of Harry and Manni who lives alone in the mountains.   vjeli!!!


Another beautiful ride through the forests with wonderful views.De dicht beboste bergen rond Lukovo.










After a short drive we reach Lovacki Dom, beautiful restaurant where you can eat delicious wild grill.

Buffet Vera.

Visiting Buffet "Vera", and "Vagabundina Koliba" for a snack and drink.

Vagabundina koliba.


Het drukbezochte Lovački Dom.


























Heee Manni and Harry, Pivo dobro! 

vjeli manni i Hrvoje!


We went also to the cottage of Hrvoje, almost undetectable in the mountains.


Het bijna onvindbare zomerhuisje.


             Bijn dagelijks een buitje.

                 A green place where every day a shower of rain falls.

But after rain the sun!


Na de regen weer de zon.



                                                                                                   Cheers! / vjeli!                   



                                                              Thanks a lot / Puno hvala  Hrvoje i Manfred   




    Sluiten - Close.


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